How to Dry Wet Shoes Fast

Few things feel as gross as wearing wet shoes. Unfortunately, because your shoes are located on your feet, they are often the first thing to get completely soaked when you get caught in a sudden rainstorm or accidentally step into a deep puddle. If you’ve ever gotten your shoes wet, you know how long they can take to dry by themselves. Lucky for you , there is a genius hack to dry them faster that involves newspapers.

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So, your shoes are fully watered down, and you need them dried fast. You could throw them into your clothes dryer, but that tends to cause damage to your shoes – and sometimes your dryer – and it can wear the shoes out faster. Here is a trick to drying your shoes more quickly using newspapers.

  • Gather some old newspapers.
  • Take out the insoles of your shoes. (They dry faster by themselves.)
  • Open your shoes as much as possible. You’ll have to loosen the laces a bit.
  • Crumple the newspaper into balls and fill your shoes with the paper.
  • Make sure your shoes stay in a dry spot inside your home.
  • Monitor the progress of the shoes, replacing the newspaper as it is soaked through.
  • Once your shoes and insoles are dry, put the insoles back into your shoes.

It’s really that easy. If you do not have any newspaper, you can dry your shoes with rice or a fan

See how to dry your shoes with newspaper here:

No More Soggy Feet

It’s good to know how to quickly and effectively dry your shoes because you often have a favorite pair that you wear most days. Knowing how to dry them quickly will make sure that you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort because of inconvenient rainy weather.


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