How to Make Perfect Pancakes

Making pancake mix is easy – but making pancakes that are perfectly shaped and evenly cooked is actually kind of hard. Have you ever tried to pour multiple pancakes the same exact shape? It’s nearly impossible. Then, the thickness is never even. Don’t forget that “pancake evolution” that happens as your first pancake, which is undoubtedly your worst, slowly transforms into your best pancake – which is always your last. Moreover, don’t forget that you have to go through this same evolution every time to make pancakes because pancakes are just mean.

You’re about to find out about a pancake-making life hack that will absolutely change your life and have you making perfect pancakes every time!

It’s All in the Squeeze

Have you ever considered pouring your pancake batter into something that made it easier to manage when putting the batter into the pan? Well, now, you’re going to put your batter into a ketchup bottle! Don’t worry – the ketchup won’t be in the bottle.

Follow these steps:

  • Completely clean a ketchup bottle. Take care to ensure that the entire bottle and the cap are both thoroughly cleaned. Use soap and water.
  • Put a small funnel in the top of your opened ketchup bottle.
  • Then, pour your pancake bottle into the ketchup bottle, using the funnel.
  • Once full, remove the funnel and put the lid on.

Make sure to clean your bottle after each use, and you can use it every time you make pancakes. If the bottle starts to break, just reuse another ketchup bottle.

See how to squeeze perfect pancakes here:

Pancake Chef

Using a squeeze bottle to make the perfect pancake every time will make you the pancake pro. Want to know something else you can do with your pancake squeeze bottle? You can learn to make shaped pancakes and even spell names in your pancakes! You’re going to be cooking lots of pancakes!


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