How to Repurpose a Crib to Entertain Older Children

Cribs are must-have items for parents with babies, but, once the child outgrows the crib, it often gets put into storage to collect dust or thrown out. Unless the family is planning to have multiple babies in close succession, cribs tend to go to waste. But cribs are well-built and sturdy, and they can be repurposed into amazing items that can be used to entertain your children as they get older! 

Turn a Crib into a Craft Table

All you need to turn a crib into a craft table is some imagination – and, well, the supplies to make your creation come to life. You can paint the crib in bright colors and attach chalkboards and dry-erase boards on the bottom for writing. You can hang art supplies over the sides of the crib with chalk, markers, erasers, colors, and more situated in containers. You can place little shelves onto the base of your play table that can organize paper and color sheets that your kids can enjoy. There are a myriad of ways to customize your craft table to your child’s needs.

Turn a Crib into a Bookshelf

If your child is one who loves to read, turning your crib into a bookshelf a great idea that even your child can help with! Take the sides of the crib that have the protective panes, turn them onto their sides, and lean them against the wall. You can then position books on them, letting the books hang for quick grab-and-go reading. If you want to take your project to the next level, you can grab some paint and paint the crib pieces different colors – you can even let your child add their own decorations, like stickers and little doodles, to the finished project. The best part of this DIY craft is that you have the potential to make multiple bookshelves for different rooms from only one crib!

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Turn a Crib into a Play Tent

You can also transform your crib into a play tent that can be used both inside and outside. Simply disassemble the crib, and place the two longest sides against each other to form a teepee shape. Attach the tops together; you can even use something simple like duct tape or zip-ties. Then, weave a fabric of your choice through the boards on the sides. Add signs that say Welcome or Keep Out or No Parents Allowed to give it a bit more of a creative touch – and voila! You have an amazing tent for your children to play in.

The Possibilities are Endless

Repurposing an old crib has an incredible amount of possibilities. You can even repurpose it for yourself as a fun wine rack or a quirky couch. Cribs are not just for babies! So, grab your DIY toolkit, fire up your imagination, and get to creating!


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