How to Survive a Divorce

Divorces are incredibly emotional times that are difficult for all parties involved. Not all of them are messy, but they all require resilience and a determination to find happiness. In many cases, there are even kids involved that make the divorce even harder to deal with. However, there are ways to get through a divorce with minimal emotional damage and your sanity intact.

Things to Do After a Divorce

Divorcing your partner means learning to live, love, and laugh again. There are some steps you can take to help you start embracing yourself and your new life.

  • Go through belongings. Give your ex-partner his or her stuff. Getting reminders of your married life out of your living space will help you release your married life faster.
  • Focus on your kids. If you have children, give them special attention during this time. Not only will this assure them that they are not the reason for the divorce, but it will also help you embrace the love that is around you at a time that you may not know how to love yourself.
  • Fix the finances. You may need to split bank accounts or make new ones. 
  • Forgiveness is key. Try to forgive your partner instead of harboring anger. Forgiveness helps you to move on.
  • Make your well-being a priority. Seek therapy for emotional well-being. Join a gym to focus on your physical body. Make doctor appointments to make sure that you are healthy. Focusing on your health will help you learn to focus more on yourself again.
  • Learn yourself again. Rediscover old hobbies. Find new things that you love. Listen to loud music, and laugh at funny movies. Discover your wants and needs.

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Things to Not Do After a Divorce

Some people find it easy to move on after amicable divorces, but if you were caught off-guard with a divorce, you may find it more difficult to move on. You may fall into habits that are not healthy. There are some things you should make sure to not do after a divorce.

  • Do not isolate yourself. Make sure to surround yourself with friends and family for emotional support. Sure, some alone time is necessary, but do not make it your focus.
  • Do not involve the kids. Keep a positive relationship between both parents and the children. Do not speak poorly of your ex-partner in front of your children.
  • Do not rush into a relationship. Divorce leaves a huge emotional wound that needs to be healed. Do not mask the wound with someone else. Take proper care of your wound.
  • Do not refuse to communicate. There are lots of things to be decided and planned for after a divorce. Keep communication open to make this process easier.
  • Do not become bitter. Bad things happen in life. You have made it this far, and you will make it even farther – you just won’t be doing it with your ex-partner.

Moving On After a Divorce

Divorce uproots the lives of an entire family, but the focus should always remain on moving on. Finding comfort and happiness with new routines is paramount. Staying in a stagnant state of depression is not acceptable. You will find that these steps help you to move on in a fast and healthy way.


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