How to Survive a National Epidemic

National Epidemic

With the changing world and travel being more frequent than ever before, epidemics and pandemics are very real threats to the world. Because of the danger that epidemics can bring to an entire country, it is important to practice epidemic preparedness. There are many ways that you can prepare for a national epidemic to protect yourself and your family.

Epidemic Survival Tips

Some may say that preparing for a national epidemic is nothing short of “doomsday prepping.” In actuality, epidemic preparedness is less paranoia and more survival instincts

  • Inform Yourself. Make sure you understand what causes epidemics. Research and pay attention to any news that shows the possibility of a fast-moving sickness entering your area.
  • Strengthen Your Immune System. Take daily measures now to strengthen your immune system to lessen your risk of catching a disease. Make sure you take vaccinations and vitamins. Check with your doctor for ways to help boost your immunity.
  • Stockpile Food and Water. When epidemics arise, they can contaminate food and water. To prevent the accidental ingestion of infected food and water sources, you can build a personal stockpile for you and your family.
  • Make Survival Kits. Include things like first aid items, knives, gloves, even gas masks. You can customize your own survival kit by researching things you may need.
  • Make Good Hygiene The Routine. If you and your family practice good hygiene, it lessens the chances of catching epidemic illnesses. 
  • Invest In Protective House Coverings. Get plastic sheeting or another durable kind of fabric to cover your doors and windows and any gaps in your house in the case of an epidemic.
  • Have Defenses In Place. Epidemics can result in things like looting and robberies. Make sure your family is protected. If you purchase guns for protection, make sure you and your family know how to properly use them.
  • Have Radios And Batteries. Battery-powered radios will be how you keep informed of what is going on in the world if an epidemic happens. Have plenty of batteries available.

Epidemics Cause Chaos Quickly

Bill Gates has warned that, “In the real world, though, the health infrastructure we have for normal times breaks down very rapidly during major infectious disease outbreaks.” Epidemics bring out the worst in people because they are trying to survive at all costs. Preparing yourself and your family for an epidemic is both practical and necessary because of this. 

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Start Today

One common illness that can easily turn into an epidemic at any time is influenza. Getting your flu shot every year can help protect you from getting the worst flu strains. Because this disease constantly evolves and becomes stronger, it is very dangerous and can easily reach epidemic status. 

Better Safe Than Sorry

Epidemic preparedness is a necessary part of life in today’s world. Melting ice caps are introducing old diseases that haven’t been around for centuries. Anti-vax campaigns are causing re-emergences of illnesses like measles and polio. Now, more than ever, is the time to prepare for an epidemic.


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