How to Survive a Plane Crash

Knowing that the plane you are in is about to crash is absolutely terrifying – body-numbingly, mind-stoppingly horrifying. There isn’t much time to think, and you are put into immediate survival mode. While plane crashes aren’t as frequent as automobile crashes, they still happen. There are ways to prepare for your flight that will increase your chances of survival if you are faced with a plane crash.

Dress the Part

Think about it – in any survival situation you want to be dressed the part, comfortable and warm. So, when you are preparing for a flight, choose clothes that would benefit you in the case of an emergency. Clothes like long pants, long sleeve shirts, and lace-up shoes will benefit you much more than 6-inch heels, skinny jeans, and mini skirts. Additionally, try to wear clothes that aren’t extremely flammable. Cotton and wool are good, warm clothing choices that are less flammable than other fabrics. 

Pay Attention to the Safety Protocols

When you board a flight, you are usually given literature to read that will tell you what to do during emergency situations and plane crashes.The flight attendants will give safety speeches at the beginning of flights, showing how to use safety features like oxygen masks. It is crucial to pay attention to this safety information. These tips can mean the difference between living and dying. 

Choose Your Seat Carefully

Choosing a seat that is easy to escape from is also important for survival. It is recommended to choose a seat on the aisle in the middle to rear section of the plane because these are the areas that result in the highest survival rates. You can also look for all emergency exits around you and memorize where they are in relation to your seat in case your view is obstructed in the event of a crash. 

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When the Plane is Crashing

If it has been announced that the plane is, in fact, crash landing, you have to first remember not to panic. Stay calm and think of the safety information that you were told. Ready your mind and body for the crash, assuming a position that protects your head. Your body will switch to survival mode, and lots of your movements and decisions will become automatic.

Surviving the Crash

If you have followed all of these tips, then you have done everything that you could possibly do to prepare yourself for a plane crash. The rest is left up to chance. Do not dwell on the fact that your plane could crash. Focus on the fact that you are well-prepared for an emergency situation and know that you can survive!


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