How to Survive a Wild Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster Ride

Roller coasters are endorphin-releasing monsters, bringing anxious thrills to carnivals and theme parks since the 1800s. It’s no secret that they have gotten bigger, scarier, and wilder over the years. Thrill-seekers love the experience of mixing fear and excitement, but you may quickly get in over your head when you board a particularly intense roller coaster. However, there are ways to get you through a wild roller coaster ride.

Surviving a Wild Ride

First, if you are going on a roller coaster, it’s a wise practice to never go alone. Even if you are drawn to roller coasters of all sizes, having someone you know with you will give you some comfort in case fear overtakes you. There are also other steps you can follow to survive the ride.

  • Focus on the fun of the ride to help settle some of your anxiety. Talking about the fun it will bring with a friend can help calm you.
  • Pick a seat that helps you feel safe. You may prefer a middle seat over one on the edge so you feel more secure.
  • Check and double check the straps and bars securing you. You will be less stressed out knowing you are securely fastened into your seat.
  • Don’t hold your breath. Making sure your breaths are steady and relaxed will help keep your body in a more relaxed state during the ride.
  • Hold on tightly! Sometimes, it’s better to hold onto your seat than to throw your arms up. This can help you feel safer.

See a roller coaster in action here: 

Preventing Fear

If you are not someone who commonly rides roller coasters, you can take measures to prepare yourself for larger rides to prevent being terrified of them.

  • Start small. Go on smaller rides and slowly work up to bigger rides. Your body can get used to the feelings that come with the twists and curves of roller coasters this way.
  • Don’t eat before you ride. Eating before you ride can make you feel nauseated during the ride, resulting in more feelings of discomfort.
  • Understand how to be safe during the ride. Look at the safety warnings. Each ride will have different ones, but some very basic safety rules are to keep your limbs inside the ride and to sit still.
  • Understand what will happen during the ride. If you’re going on a new ride, watch the ride a few times to know what to expect when you get on it yourself.
  • Focus on the happy results. Look at people getting off of the ride and gauge their reactions. If most of them are happy, then you probably have nothing to worry about.
  • Keep your eyes open. With your eyes open, you will know exactly what is about to happen and can prepare for it.

A Happy Ending

They can be intimidating, but roller coasters can also be great fun! Make sure that you are ready for the roller coaster that you are choosing to go on before boarding it. For the most part, you will end the ride full of excited feelings and happy that you chose that ride!


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