How to Survive in the Wild with Nothing

The wilderness is a daunting place – full of mysterious wildlife, towering trees, and weird creepy-crawlies. So, when you are caught in the middle of the wild with nothing, everything becomes bigger and scarier. If you are someone who is exposed to the wilderness often, whether by choice or necessity, it is wise to learn basic survival skills in case you are ever found in the wild with no supplies.

You Only Need 4 Things

There are only four things you need to survive in the wilderness, barring any injury or sickness. Those four things are water, shelter, food, and warmth

To find water, you can use unlikely allies, like your shirt, hands, and even ants

  • You can use your shirt to collect dew from trees and bushes. Once your shirt is full of water, you can wring it out into your mouth.
  • Follow the critters! You can follow ants up trees to find water stored in grooves and holes in the tree. You can also follow the tracks of animals to sources of water like streams.
  • Dig with your hands. You can use your hands to dig into softer areas of the ground that may have water, like dried up streams or areas with lots of bushes.

To find shelter, you can use the wilderness around you. One of the most imminent dangers of being trapped in the wilderness with nothing is hypothermia caused by dropping temperatures at night. First, look for natural shelters like caves and downed trees. It is much quicker to make an appropriate shelter if you can find one that is already partially made. Since insulation is important to keep you warm, you can use branches and other debris to add insulation.

Warmth is included in the shelter category since the shelter will provide most of your warmth for survival. Try to keep your clothes as dry as possible. You can lay them out over branches in the daytime to dry if they get wet.

See wilderness survival tips in action here: 

To find food with no gear or weapons, you are limited to more plants and bugs than wild animals. It’s difficult to kill animals with no weapons, and most people cannot kill them with their bare hands! So, make sure you are familiar with edible plants – like garlic mustard plants, blueberries, and burdock – and edible bugs – like grasshoppers and dragonflies. Reading up on edible plants and insects is never a bad idea, really. You never know when you’ll need an emergency meal!

Roughing It

You should always try to make sure that you are prepared for treks in the wilderness with proper gear and supplies; however, life is unpredictable at times. These tips can help you survive until you can find proper help. You will be surprised at how well you do trapped in the wilderness with nothing once your survival instincts kick in!


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