How to Use Frozen Grapes to Chill Wine

If you are an avid wine drinker, you value the taste of your wine above all. Sometimes, there is not enough time to chill your wine before drinking it, and adding ice to your glass of wine will only water it down as the ice melts. Watered-down wine does not taste very good. You can still get your wine glasses ready for tasty, cool wine with this wine-chilling hack that uses a common fruit to make sure your wine stays tasting great!

Grapes Make Wine…Chilled!

Not only is wine made from grapes, but it can also be chilled by grapes. First, you’ll have to make sure you keep some grapes in your freezer for any time you need to cool down your wine.

To freeze frozen grapes:

  • You need to choose seedless grapes for freezing. You can choose red, black, or green grapes.
  • Make sure to wash your grapes and remove the stems. You can freeze them with the stems on, but you will have to remove the stems before using them in your wine.
  • Put all of the grapes in a strainer and rinse them for a few more minutes to make sure they are clean.
  • Place them on a towel to dry.
  • Once they are dried, transfer them to a baking sheet lined with wax paper, place it in the freezer, and let the grapes freeze individually. This will make sure they do not freeze in large clumps.
  • When they are frozen, put them into a freezer bag and keep them in your freezer.

Now that you’ve got a stockpile of frozen grapes, you’re ready to chill your wine while preserving its taste. Simply place a few frozen grapes into your glass of wine and let them do their job. You’ll even have a fruity snack when you’re done with your wine!

See how to freeze grapes for your wine here:

Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor

Frozen grapes are not only great for chilling wine, but they are also healthy snacks that are easy to make. Give some frozen grapes to your kids as an after school snack while you use them to cool down your own after school snack (wine, of course).


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