What to Do if You are Stabbed

Stabbing with a knife

Being stabbed is terrifying enough by itself. Add in the stress of having to take care of your wounds and ensure that you survive, and you have a molotov cocktail of fear. Don’t fret, though. There are some ways to help make sure that your stab wounds are properly tended to.

How to Care for Someone Who has Been Stabbed

If you or someone with you is stabbed, the first thing you should do is call 911. The sooner you can get medical help on its way, the better. Do not attempt to run after the assailant; stay and tend to the victim. 

  • Don’t panic. Calmly let the victim know that you are there to help.
  • Examine the stab wound. Is it deep? Is it shallow? Is there a lot of blood? Are there multiple wounds? Knowing the extent of the damage will help you give the best care.
  • Try to wash your hands if you have time and there are soap and water available. 
  • If they are not breathing, the first thing you should do is perform CPR.
  • If the victim is breathing, then remove the clothing that is over the stab wound and treat it. You should use clean materials to clean the blood and survey the wound. There is a chance the wound will be too major for you to treat. In this case, apply pressure to the wound to lessen the bleeding.
  • If the weapon or object used to stab is still in the body, DO NOT REMOVE IT.
  • If you are able to treat the wound, cover it with sterile gauze and apply pressure until medical help arrives.

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A True Hero

Stab wounds can be fatal, and they are always scary. Calmly dealing with someone who has been stabbed is a feat in and of itself. Taking care of your own stab wound is positively heroic!


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