KE Diet

KE Diet

The KE diet is a dieting program that uses feeding tubes to lose upwards of 20 pounds in 10 days. 

Known as the “ketogenic-enteral” diet, this risky fad diet has gotten recent popularity for being used for brides that are looking to lose weight before their weddings. The feeding tube provides a drip of protein, fat, and water into the body at about 800 calories per day, providing a “cheat-free” dieting alternative to counting calories. 

A Brand New Diet 

Also known as the “feeding tube diet” or simply the “feeding tube”, the KE diet was introduced to the mainstream United States by doctor Oliver Di Pietro. The diet gained popularity quite quickly after Di Pietro prescribed the diet to a bride-to-be, Jessica Schnaider.

Jessica’s success with the diet led to her being interviewed by Good Morning America and the New York Times, among other media outlets, which ended up spreading the popularity of the diet over the last eight years. 

However, researchers and medical practitioners have strongly advised against the use of the diet in recent years, referring to it as an incredibly dangerous fad diet that has more risks to the body than overall benefits. 

An Intubated Diet 

To follow the KE diet, you’ll need to go to a medical professional to get intubated. Patients are given a feeding device and a 10-day supply of powdered food supplement that must be mixed with water. 

This supplement is made of protein and fat and amounts to just about 800 calories each day. In addition the supplement, patients are allowed to drink black coffee, water, and unsweetened tea. 

This is an incredibly difficult diet to modify, as followers may not consume anything but the above liquids and the supplement solution during the 10-day process. The only real variation the diet holds is the way in which the solution is carried, which can be done by tote bag, backpack, or other carrying device. 

A Dangerous Diet To Follow 

The most recent reports surrounding the KE diet have stated that it is a highly dangerous diet, and can pose long-lasting side effects to those who attempt it without strict medical supervision. This has meant that the diet itself isn’t incredibly popular, especially as it isn’t one that people can try on their own. 

Therefore, there hasn’t been much in the way of breaking news about the KE diet besides the research showing the risks of following through with such a restrictive diet. 

Dangerous For Those With Heart And Kidney Issues

If you already have trouble with heart and kidney problems, it is recommended that you stay away from the KE diet. 

Further, the effects of the diet can include bad breath, dizziness, and a lack of energy, which can lead to fainting. 

A Rare Diet 

There haven’t been any reports of celebrities trying the KE diet – in fact, the most popular use of the diet is known simply from Jessica Schnaider, who was the first to publicly speak on the effectiveness of the diet. It’s important to note that Schnaider was regularly watched during the process to ensure that her body wasn’t falling to unhealthy metabolic levels. 

An Intense Fad Diet 

The KE diet is one that is considered an intense way to lose weight fast. However, it may have lasting side effects that end up being far more negative on the body than other, slower methods of losing weight.


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