How To Avoid And Survive Controversial Topics

Controversial Topics

If you’ve ever sat at a heated family dinner, then you probably know how important it can be to stay away from controversial topics with others. 

While there’s a time and a place for debate, it isn’t always a good idea to charge into topics like politics, religion, or other touchy subjects. However, with a little bit of forethought, you’ll find that there are several ways to survive even the tensest controversial discussion!

Keep Your Opinions To Yourself 

Though it may be difficult, the best way to avoid controversial topics is to avoid voicing your opinion in groups where you may be an outlier. 

Knowing your audience is key to this kind of thing. If you’re with new people, definitely try and keep your more controversial opinions to yourself. 

If you’re with family members or friends who you already know have a specific set of strongly held opinions, don’t try to start a debate. 

While it’s perfectly fine to state what you believe, try not to dive into specifics. 

Don’t Bring Emotion Into It 

If you’re already caught in a controversial conversation, not to worry! You can still survive even the tensest arguments if you’re prepared to stay level-headed

Try to remain neutral, rather than giving things emotional value. Once emotions are tied to a situation, it can be easy for people to become angry and shut down. 

Respect One Another’s Opinions 

When it comes to avoiding controversial subjects, start by remembering that everyone has their own set of values and beliefs that they hold close to them. 

By going into every conversation with respect and making a conscious effort to remain neutral, you can successfully survive just about every conversation!


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