How to Escape and Evade a Tracker

Escape and Evade a Tracker

Whether you’re playing Manhunt or are part of the Most Dangerous Game, you need to know how to evade your trackers.

Every now and then the subject of “ditching a tail” comes up in film and television, particularly when one criminal or spy is trying to find his way to meet with his accomplices. The Departed (2006) showcases this quite well.

But are these scenes based in reality or is the evasion simply part of the Hollywood magic? What do you do when somebody is tracking you without your consent? This guide will give you a few tips and tricks to ensure your timely escape.

Stalking in the City

City life can be quite a hassle, particularly if you’re being followed. It’s impossible to know exactly how much stalking goes on each year or even each day in any location, in part because of the covert nature of stalking itself. 

However, the large amounts of time and money that New York City has put into passing legislation to prevent and penalize stalking shows that it is a real and dangerous concern. If you don’t know how to evade your stalker, your life might be at risk.

How Not to Be Hunted

“Stalking” can be said to be the term used to describe the hunting or tracking of another person with nefarious intentions. The techniques listed below will help you avoid your tracker, whether in an apple orchard or the Big Apple, but mostly the former.

Maintain Good Physical Shape

If you train your body to be able to run or even jog at high speeds for prolonged or indefinite periods of time, then your chances of being caught drop to near zero. However, if your tracker also has the same level of physical fitness, this alone isn’t going to cut it.

Eventually, your tracker may catch up to you and physical combat may ensue. This is another important reason to keep in top physical shape.

Do Not Light Fires

Any form of fire can produce smoke that can be seen from miles away, hence why military evacuation groups frequently employ smoke signals (i.e., colored smoke grenades) to mark landing zones for medevac helicopters. Furthermore, the light of the flames at night can give you away while simultaneously making it harder for you to see in the nearby darkness.

Step On Solid Ground

If you have the option of running along a shallow river (only an inch or two deep), gravel, or stone, do so. By avoiding soft ground, you minimize the possibility of your tracker using your footprints to pursue you. This method is one of the most primitive and commonplace methods of physical tracking that hunters, criminals, and corrupt governments have at their disposal.


These three tips are not certain to enable you to escape your trackers; however, they are certain to significantly improve your chances at doing so on your own. At the end of the day, it all depends on your will to live versus your tracker’s desire to do you harm.


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