How To Prevent Stroke

How To Prevent Stroke

Millions of people are affected by strokes each and every year. 

These terrifying bodily events can affect your heart and brain, can leave an individual paralyzed or dead. Thankfully, it’s believed that up to 80% of strokes can actually be prevented. By working to keep your body healthy, you too may be able to effectively prevent a stroke! 

Know Your Family History 

One of the common factors that play into strokes has to do with genetics. If your family has a history of strokes, you may want to speak with your doctor about what preventative medications may work for you. 

Start With Your Diet 

Diet plays a role in the prevention of strokes!

High blood pressure can make you much more likely to have a stroke. Eat foods that are low in cholesterol to help lower your overall blood pressure.  

In combination with regular exercise, eating healthy can greatly benefit your overall health and can help keep strokes at bay. 

Limit Your Smoking And Alcohol Intake 

You’ll also want to cut back on smoking and drinking in order to prevent a stroke. Smoking is thought to double your risk of strokes, as the nicotine found in cigarettes raises your blood pressure. 

Alcohol is something else that can raise your blood pressure. Limiting yourself to one or two drinks a day can greatly improve your blood pressure, and can help lower your risk of stroke. 

Your Health Is Key 

The best ways to prevent a stroke are to start taking your health seriously as early as possible. Eating right, exercising, and saying no to smoking and drinking are all great ways to keep your body healthy and prevent strokes from happening!


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