How to Prevent Sweaty Armpits

Prevent Sweaty Armpits

If you suffer from chronic sweaty armpits, you might think there’s just no hope for you.

You might tell yourself, “All you can do is go home, lock your doors, and never go out in public again.” Of course, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Millions of people suffer from smelly armpits on a daily basis, particularly during hot summer days.

In order to prevent themselves from gassing passerbys, these people have a wide number of strategies to choose from. We’ll give you a few great tips and tricks for you to do the same.

Don’t Become “Sweaty Guy/Girl”

Most people at the office or at school like to be known for their ability to produce a specific thing, whether it be a high-functioning fantasy football league or some neat BMX tricks. However, there’s one thing that Fantasy Football Guy and BMX Chick don’t ever want to be re-named: Sweaty Guy.

Unfortunately, for some people with infections or other disorders that result in nasty-smelling armpits or who just plain sweat a lot, that’s all but a certainty, unless you put the tips and tricks listed below to good use.

Prevention is the Best Treatment

Things like deodorant and antiperspirant are obvious solutions, so we won’t waste time covering those commonplace options. Instead, we’ve taken a little more peculiar route that should be just as effective!

Look Into Prescription Antiperspirant

Yes, we said we wouldn’t waste time on deodorant, but there is a huge difference between prescription antiperspirant and the ordinary everyday antiperspirant that you can buy on the shelves of the grocery store.

Prescription antiperspirant incorporates chemicals that pack a much larger punch, typically designed specifically for preventing armpit sweat associated with a variety of bodily disorders.

Shower Daily

This might come as a shock to many, but most people don’t need to shower every single day. However, doing so might solve your sweaty armpit problem by cleaning out the pores that have been inducing sweat.

By washing your armpits with certain kinds of soap, you increase the likelihood that you can break up any bacterial infection of clogged pores that have been inducing excess amounts of sweat. Even if this isn’t successful, you will at least find that you’re extra squeaky clean and less sweaty after a hot day out.

Lose Weight

This tip is likely to be one of the hardest things that you’ve ever done in your life. Losing weight means making significant changes to your lifestyle that you might not want to endure. However, by cutting some weight, particularly water weight, you can become less prone to excessive sweating by lowering your body’s natural resting body temperature ever so slightly.


Whether you choose to go the prescription route, to shower more frequently, or to lose some weight, all that matters at the end of the day is that you’re happier with your body. What this means is that, if none of the above plans work for you, try out something else that might. 

Of course, we firmly believe that one of our three tips and tricks will help guide you down the path to a less sweaty routine!


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