How to Prevent Tartar

How to Prevent Tartar

Tartar is the accumulation of a crusty deposit on the teeth that can result in numerous frustrating dental problems.

Tartar builds up when teeth are not cleaned or taken care of properly, and appears as stains and discoloration on the teeth. Because of how strongly it attaches, it can only be removed by a dental professional. Prevention methods are much more straightforward to implement and more convenient to handle than waiting and having to seek medical intervention.

Here are a few ways you can prevent the buildup of tartar:

Use Mouthwash that Removes Plaque

There is a wide range of mouthwash products out there, and not all are as effective as others. Make sure that you are paying attention to what type of mouthwash you are purchasing. It is recommended to get one that specifies that it is meant to remove plaque. This can help set you up for more effective brushing and flossing habits as well and contribute to reducing the buildup of tartar.

To properly use mouthwash, you should swish it around after your brush and floss. Make sure it is antibacterial and has a seal of approval from a professional dental organization.

Avoid Certain Foods

There are plenty of foods that are bad for your teeth generally, and these also contribute to building up tartar. You are probably familiar with what these foods are, as they are the foods that are so commonly preached as being bad for your teeth. Primarily, avoid acidic foods and foods that have a lot of sugar. These can wear down your enamel, making it more exposed to damage.

Floss Daily

You should be flossing daily to prevent food from building up between your teeth. The buildup of food within your teeth is incredibly conducive to building up tartar. Make sure that you specifically use a type of floss that has been approved by a professional dental organization. Floss using the proper form by sliding a piece between your teeth, and then moving the floss around to dislodge the buildup of food.

Make sure you are getting between all your teeth, especially the back ones which can be challenging to reach.

Brush Properly

Of course, brushing your teeth is essential, but it is even more critical to make sure that you are flossing using proper technique. You should brush at least twice per day, and especially after eating sugary foods. Make sure that you are brushing using small circular motions, and don’t go too hard on your gums. Brush for a minimum of two minutes, ensuring that you reach every tooth, even those way in the back.


These are a few of the most prominent ways to prevent the formation of tartar. Developing an excellent oral hygiene regimen is critical, as is keeping generally healthy teeth. Some people are more prone to tartar, and those who are should work exceptionally hard to keep up with an oral hygiene regimen. They should also consider seeing their dental professional to discuss strategies to keep a healthy mouth.For more advice on preventing tartar, consult either or


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