How To Survive A Haunted House

Survive A Haunted House

Haunted houses are a staple of Halloween. 

From as early as September to as late as November, you’re likely to stumble upon all kinds of haunted attractions, from hayrides to mansions. But even if you’re going with a group of close friends, it can be hard to keep your cool while in one of these terrifying exhibitions. 

Not to worry, though! There are a few ways that you’ll be able to get through the worst of the haunted house – and live to tell the tale. 

Keep Your Fears At Bay 

One of the worst parts of the haunted house isn’t actually being in it – it’s the anticipation that occurs leading up to the house. 

You might find yourself suddenly dwelling on your deepest darkest fears and wondering if you’ll run into them in the walls of a supposedly haunted place. You may even find yourself beginning to wonder whether or not the paranormal is real, even if you usually don’t think so! 

This is all normal. However, you can keep yourself from being too terrified by focusing on positive things, like successfully exciting out the other side of the house. 

Remember What’s Real 

Though you logically know that haunted houses aren’t real, that might not stop you from being scared of the things inside them! 

However, if you find yourself getting really terrified, it can be good to take a moment to mentally remind yourself that nothing in the haunted house can actually hurt you. Everyone you encounter is a paid actor, and all of the effects you see are simply that – special effects. 

Manage Your Mental State

Whether or not you get scared at a haunted house all comes down to your state of mind! Taking a moment to think positive thoughts and remember that nothing will actually hurt you can help you survive any scare you might come across.


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