How to Survive a Mugging

Survive a Mugging

There are few aspects of city life that are more terrifying than muggings.

The thought of somebody running up on you with a gun or a knife as you’re walking home alone after a fun night out with your friends can instill dread in most people. Since we’re not all Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee, we can’t simply obliterate our enemies.

However, that doesn’t mean that these circumstances will result in instant death. There are few things that you can do to increase your odds of surviving a mugging.

The Dangers of Being Mugged

Aside from the fact that you stand to lose your money, your wallet, your phone, and everything else of value on you, muggings can be far deadlier than that. Even though muggings overall dropped by 67% between 1995 and 2017, they are still exceptionally common, particularly in larger cities.

In a variable number of cases, these muggings can turn bloody very quickly. Take the time to familiarize with the tips and tricks below so that you can keep your blood on the inside of your body.

A Few Tips and Tricks

Each mugger is different. Some will run off if you so much as say, “No!” Others will try to kill you if you so much as look them in the eye.

Walk with a Dog

By walking with a large dog, such as a pit bull or a German shepard, you significantly decrease your risk of being robbed. In general, thieves prefer to intimidate their victims one on one, hence why people advise people to walk home in groups. 

With a dog, the same is true with the added benefit that most dogs would be willing to tear an attacker limb from limb in order to protect their owners.

Don’t Fight Back

Unless you’re a trained combat veteran or an MMA fighter, the probability that you will be able to disarm your attacker before they stab or shoot you is slim to none. Fighting back without proper training significantly increases your risk of bodily harm and even death.

Don’t Carry Your Cash in Your Wallet

Carrying your cash in your sock, bra, or your waistline can help ensure that you won’t be losing your money when a thief steals your wallet. Once the thief leaves, you can take a cab home and use somebody else’s phone to cancel all of your credit cards.

Alternatively, you might even consider using a dummy wallet, which is a second wallet with only a few less important items in it and a small amount of cash to give the illusion that it is your real wallet.


In all honesty, if you walk with a large dog and know the reaches of your own martial prowess, you will likely never be mugged in the first place. However, if you are, it is important to know your limits. Don’t fight back unless you have been extensively trained for this situation. If you take these tips and tricks to heart, then your chances of surviving a mugging will increase exponentially.


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