How to Survive a Wildfire

Survive a Wildfire

Wildfire season can be just as bad as hurricane season for the dry lands.

In fact, it can sometimes be worse. The loss of life and property incurred by a ravenous wild flame can absolutely devastated entire regions. In 2018, one region alone in California witnessed 48 confirmed deaths and hundreds more people unaccounted for and presumed dead.

On the other hand, thousands of people lived on the more than 200,000 acres that were burned and yet there were so few casualties relatively speaking. This is because there are tried and true methods for surviving a wildfire, methods that we will discuss in this guide.

The Dangers of Wildfires

Although wildfires seem to be the stuff of nightmares with their vast flames reaching over the canopy and devouring everything in their wake for miles on end, these disasters are actually natural phenomena that are necessary for the health and safety an arid ecosystem.

The dangerous aspect of this is that this concept leaves firefighters with one of two options: let the fires ravage the countryside every few months or prevent fires for years until one begins to rage and grows to such massive proportions that it kills hundreds of people.

In either case, you must be prepared.

Surviving a Wildfire

The good thing about wildfires is that they tend to provide soon-to-be victims with plenty of warning. It’s hard to miss the massive plumes of smoke on the horizon.

Watch the Animals

If you see unusual amounts of animals migrating in frantic swarms away from a particular direction, something disastrous this way comes. Animals know to run from flames, floods, and earthquakes, sometimes before they even happen (though the science is iffy on how).

Keep a Bug-Out Bag

Bug-Out bags are packs, typically hiking- or military- style backpacks that are full of self-defense tools, wilderness survival essentials, and emergency first-aid kits. These packs, when stored in a readily accessible location, enable you to evacuate with only a moment’s notice by keeping all of your essentials in one compact location. Keeping one of these on hand can turn your evacuation procedures from an hour-long rush to a five-second grab-and-go.

Evacuate ASAP

Some people often think that their homes will protect them from the heat and danger of wildfires if they board up their windows and arm their hoses. This is about the deadliest strategy you could have, second only to running out into the flaming forest with a can of gasoline. 

Not only would you be trapped inside your home when the flames arrive, but you will be slowly burned alive as the fire breaks through your defences.


If you make sure to monitor animal populations for strange migration patterns, keep a bug-out bag on hand, and evacuate the moment the warning signs are visible, then your chances of surviving a wildfire will be far greater than otherwise. 

Of course, these tips and tricks don’t completely nullify the danger of a wildfire. Be sure to stick to the evacuation plan and monitor the radio for any additional warnings.


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