How To Survive If Your Parachute Fails To Open

Parachute Fails To Open

Skydiving is certainly an extreme sport that can be quite thrilling!

However, even the bravest skydivers fear the moment that their parachute fails to open. Though the situation is extremely rare, it does happen – so it’s best to be prepared and know exactly what steps to take should it happen to you! 

Keep Calm 

Though it seems counterintuitive to stay calm while you’re falling through the air, keeping a level head is the best way to ensure your survival. 

You will need to remain calm to activate your reserve parachute and remember the best ways to spread your body out through the air to slow your fall. 

Access The Reserve Parachute 

To use your reserve parachute, you’ll want to first get in position. To do so, you’ll need to break away from your main parachute. 

  1. Spread your legs, keep your head up, and arch your back before pulling the breakaway handle located on your parachute pack. 
  2. Pull the breakaway handle and throw it away. 
  3. Locate and pull the reserve ripcord with both hands. 

Surviving A Reserve Chute Malfunction 

If both the main parachute and the reserve parachute malfunction, you can still prepare yourself for landing and survival. 

Spread your body out in an ‘X’ shape and aim for areas covered in snow or wood. Try your best to stay away from flat land or hard objects, such as large boulders. 

Use Your Focus To Survive

If you happen to have a parachute malfunction, your ability to focus on survival steps will be absolutely critical. Try not to allow yourself to panic, and instead work on either pulling your reserve parachute or bringing your body into position for a landing.


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