How to Survive the Doctor’s Needle

Doctor’s Needle

Who here enjoys being pricked with a needle and pumped full of chemicals?

That’s right: nobody. However, doctor’s visits frequently require we take a needle to the arm or elsewhere in order to maintain tip top health. Over the past hundred years, people have become much better at coping with these sharp objects.

No Need for Iatrophobia

Iatrophobia is the intense and often illogical fear of doctors. Many people who are afraid of needles drift into the realm of becoming iatrophobic. If you’re worried about your next doctor’s visit for your immunizations, check out the tips below for a little advice.

Surviving the Needle

Whitecoat terror is a real and pressing concern in the healthcare industry. But by doing these two things you can make your doctor’s visits just a little more bearable.

Look Away

Whether you’re afraid of blood or just don’t like needles, it helps to look away. Looking away is one way of making needles hurt less. Not only does this reduce pain, it also reduces the apprehension and dread of waiting for the needle to start poking. Surprise is your friend!

Distract Yourself

By reading a book, playing a game, or having a simple conversation unrelated to the shots, you take your mind off the stress of waiting for the needle. By the time the doctor pokes it in and removes it, you’re still just surprised rather than in pain and fear.


Nobody likes being poked with metal contraptions and injected with scary-sounding chemicals, but if you look away and bring something with which to distract yourself, you will find that the visit is far less awful than you might have thought!


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