How to Survive When Stuck in a Snowy Area

Stuck in a Snowy Area

The snow can be just as deadly as it is beautiful.

When foul weather conditions begin to kick off, we see snow instead of rain. Unfortunately, this snow can build up to crushing weights, the wind can increase in speed to force the wind chill twenty or thirty degrees below the natural temperature, and the natural temperature can drop as well, spelling certain death to anybody stuck in these areas.

That is, anybody but you. If you make sure to commit to memory the tips and tricks in this guide, your chances of survival will improve exponentially.

Death By Exposure

Each year, well over 1,000 people die from exposure to the cold. Of the 1,330 deaths by cold exposure, roughly half of the victims were homeless and trapped outside during the snowy cold. But simply being inside wouldn’t necessarily have protected them. Another 25% of those deaths were of people inside shelter who didn’t have any heating capabilities.

Surviving in the Snow

As a general rule of thumb, if you want to survive in the snow then the first thing that you need to do is get out of the snow. However, when that’s not the case, there are a few things you need to do.

If You’re On Foot

First things first, call or text somebody to let them know where you are, just incase the blizzard or snow storm renders everything a blank, monochromatic white. That’s the easiest environment in which to get lost.

If you have taken the time to adequately prepare for this, your chances of survival are relatively decent. You can use your windbreaker and your heavy clothing to help keep you warm while you seek shelter.

Shelter can take the form of anything from the inside of a building, which is the preferable option, to an alleyway. The former, if heated, can ensure safety; whereas the latter will simply help lessen the strain of the windchill on your body. No matter what, wherever you go, make sure somebody knows where you are and where you were going.

If You Are in a Vehicle

If you’re in a vehicle, your chances are much better than if you’re on foot. First things first, turn off the car. If snow has begun piling up around the vehicle, the exhaust may have been plugged up. Allowing the engine to keep running can then flood the interior of the vehicle with carbon monoxide, killing everybody inside faster than the cold ever could.

After that, simply stay put. Do not leave the car whatsoever during the storm. After the storm, however, feel free to leave the vehicle in order to clear the tailpipe so that you can turn the heater back on. However, make sure that you keep one hand on the vehicle at all times. Stepping even so few as ten feet from the vehicle could result in you getting yourself lost.


Snowy survival is among the most difficult survival tasks available for the primitive enthusiast but is quite easy for the civilized and privileged people of modern society. Simply call for help, seek shelter, and stay put, and you should be fine.


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