How To Prevent Being Pickpocketed


Whether you’re traveling or simply walking around your own city, the threat of being pickpocketed is a very real one. 

Though it might seem like there aren’t too many ways to prevent the most successful of pickpockets, you can set yourself up for success in taking good care of your valuables in even the most crowded, bustling locations. 

Keep Track Of Your Valuables

If you’re going out to a crowded place, it’s always important to make sure that you know exactly what valuables you’re carrying with you. 

Make sure to keep them in a front or secret pocket – never in your back pocket. 

If you’re carrying a purse or bag, make sure to put the purse in front of you so that you can see it at all times. Doing this will help ensure that you’ve always got an eye on your most important belongings. 

Make Sure Your Items Stay Hidden 

Actively playing with your phone, wallet, or important documents can alert pickpockets to their location. Though it may be tempting to pull your valuables out while you’re walking around, just don’t do it. 

Wait until you’re inside in a secure place to pull out your wallet in order to make sure that no pickpockets can see where you’ve hidden your valuable goods. 

Stay Aware Of Your Surroundings

Though it may be easy to simply space out or daydream while walking around, especially if you’re familiar with a certain area, you should be on guard all the time. 

Knowing your surroundings and being aware of large crowds can help prevent pickpockets from targeting you – and if you do end up being targeted, it can prevent you from actually getting anything stolen. 

Keep Important Items On Your Person 

In order to prevent being pickpocketed, you’ll need to be vigilant and prepared. From putting your valuables into secret pockets to knowing the area around you, you’re sure to stay safe from even the most skilled petty thief!


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