How to Prevent Gray Hair

Prevent Gray Hair

Developing gray hair is a natural part of human aging. However, this doesn’t make it any more frustrating or upsetting for those who begin to go gray.

Many people embrace their gray hair and make it a striking part of their aesthetic. Many others don’t and would rather go back to their natural locks. It is all a matter of preference.

What Causes Gray Hair?

There are a few primary reasons why gray hair occurs. The most widely known is from aging. As our bodies get older, we produce less pigment because the pigment cells in our hair die out. This inhibits each strand of hair from maintaining its natural color and makes it lighten up to almost a point of transparency. The hair can turn gray, silver, or white.

You are also more prone to develop gray hair sooner in life as a product of stress. A research study that was conducted in 2015 and has been published in HuffPost concludes that stress can deplete the melanin that produces hair color. By this principle, stress can reduce melanin in the hair follicles and cause hair to turn gray.

Reducing and Preventing Gray Hair

When you’ve started to develop gray hair and even go entirely gray, the only real solution to fixing it is to dye your hair. Taking steps toward prevention is not difficult, however, if you’d like to keep your natural locks.

There are many ways to prevent gray hair before it completely takes over. Here are a few, along with explanations for why they help:

  • Spend time taking good care of your hair. This should feel like an obvious one, but many people have an insufficient hair care routine. Regularly shampooing and conditioning, brushing tangles out of your hair, and using hair care products that are not damaging play a role in this.
  • Avoid dying or bleaching your hair before you go gray. The chemicals in both bleach and dyes can harm your hair and can cause permanent damage and dryness.
  • Consume enough vitamins. The production of your hair is critical to your body producing enough vitamins, and vitamin deficiency can increase the risk of hair loss and melanin reduction. If you know that you are not consuming enough vitamins, consider taking a multivitamin supplement.
  • Massage your hair with egg oil. This seems like an unusual one, but egg oil actually contains antioxidants that can help reverse premature gray hairs and prevent further again. To do this correctly, massage your hair and scalp with egg oil two times a week, and leave it to sit overnight.

These are just a few of the most popular ways of reducing graying. It is also necessary to keep in mind and manage stress to decrease both short term and long term graying.

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Although many people seek out solutions for going gray, many others embrace their gray hair and make it a part of their aesthetic. As long as your hair is healthy, there are no real medical benefits to preventing gray hair, as melanin depletion is a natural part of aging.


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