How to Prevent Migraines

Prevent Migraines

Migraines can be extremely debilitating and can render you dysfunctional for days at a time.

A total of 12% of the population in the United States suffers from regular migraines. Although they can not be eradicated entirely, there are for sure ways to reduce individual risk of developing a migraine.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

A dehydrated body can quickly and easily trigger a migraine. It is essential to stay hydrated throughout the day, which includes drinking 64 or more ounces of water. You shouldn’t just chug this all at once, however. Make sure that you are spreading it over the course of your day as best as possible.

There are also certain foods and beverages that can further dehydrate you. For instance, coffee and beer can be incredibly dehydrating and contribute to triggering a migraine. As can salty foods, oily foods, and fast foods. It is essential not just to consume water, but also to consume foods that retain water, like watermelon.

Limit the Amount of Time You Use Technology

Technology is one of the primary triggers of migraines, and the prominence of technology is one of the main reasons why scientists and doctors think that the intensity and presence of migraines are increasing. If you are using a television or computer, make sure that you are taking breaks to rest your eyes and your brain. Computers and cell phones produce blue light, which can trigger and irritate migraines. There are, however, applications that can be installed to reduce blue light, as well as special glasses that you can purchase.

If you are feeling as though a migraine is coming on while you are using the computer or another device, go into a dark room and sit in there for 20-30 minutes. This will reduce your exposure to stimuli.

Focus on Your Diet

Many dietary factors can contribute to and worsen migraines. Many foods contain either tyramine or nitrites, which can trigger the release of norepinephrine in your brain and lead to headaches. Try to minimize these foods from your diet. Here are a few examples of foods containing these substances:

  • chocolate
  • fried foods
  • plums
  • citrus fruits
  • foods with MSG
  • soy products, such as tofu, teriyaki sauce, and soy sauce
  • bananas
  • tomatoes

It is also essential to keep your blood sugar up as a quick drop in blood sugar can trigger a migraine. This is because when your blood sugar is low, your body does not have enough nutrients to function correctly. If you are working to maintain your blood sugar, consider breaking your three meals down even more, and have six small meals during the day. Another option is to stick to three meals, but have a little snack every hour. These snacks should be either fruits, vegetables, or proteins.


These are a few of the many ways to reduce migraines. It is crucial, however, if your migraines become unbearable, to consult a doctor or medical professional. They may offer more extensive solutions or even medications to reduce the frequency and intensity of your migraines.

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