How to Survive in Rust

Survive in Rust

Rust, a game created by Facepunch Studios, has been described as “one of the cruelest games on Steam.”

The point of the game: survival. You are not only against the elements and wilderness, but you are also against other players who you can ally with or kill for food and loot.

Gather Ample Supplies and Equipment

The number one tip for surviving in Rust is to gather sufficient supplies and equipment. Gathering the right materials opens up so many doors, and is the key to just about everything else in the game. Wood is considered one of the most valuable resources in the entire game because of its versatility. To gather wood, all you need to do is approach a tree with a rock, then hit the tree until it depletes. Additionally, you can find piles of wood deposited around the game in much larger portions.

You can also gather items like sulfur, metal fragments, and stone. One of the most lucrative ways to gather resources is to kill another player and take their items. Or, you can loot players and take everything they have. This is more difficult than just gathering resources yourself, but much more effective.

What Can You Use Equipment For?

 If you gather wood, you can use it to create a campfire, build a house, make storage containers, and more. You can also combine materials to create equipment like weapons. These weapons can be used for hunting and combat. Thus, they are the key to food and to overthrow other players and potentially looting them. They can be used to create an effective shelter, fit with all the resources you need to prosper and conquer nature.

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To survive and prosper in Rust, you will need to have a wide array of supplies, tools, resources, and equipment. These will give you the ability to advance in just about every other area of the game.


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