How To Survive The Pacer Test

Survive The Pacer Test

The pacer test can be a gym class nightmare. 

Also known as the beep test, this challenge is meant to test your speed and endurance over a certain period of time. Because it’s known to be difficult, the pacer test can be a source of anxiety for many individuals. 

If you approach the test confidently, though, you’re sure to not only survive it but to do incredibly well! 

Start With Your Attitude 

If the pacer test is something that makes you nervous, then you may already be starting from a difficult place. 

Try and think about how good it will feel once the test is finished. Remind yourself that you can tackle this test – after all, it’s just a test! 

As soon as you begin to believe that you can make it through the test, you’re already that much closer to surviving it. 

Remember The Point Of The Test 

It can be easy to forget that the pacer test isn’t actually a race! However, keeping this in mind can make it easier to stay confident about the test as a whole. 

Rather than wondering whether or not you’ll be faster or slower than your classmates or peers, you can shift your focus towards positive thoughts about finishing the test. 

Slow And Steady 

Just because the pacer may be testing your speed doesn’t mean you have to go all out at each stage! In fact, it can actually be better to jog rather than sprinting in order to complete the race. 

This will prevent you from getting too tired too soon. The one thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that you should be at each line before hearing the “beep” that signifies the end of one stage and the beginning of the next. 

Stay Calm And Confident 

Your confidence in yourself will directly relate to how well you do on the pacer test. As long as you approach the pacer with positivity and self-confidence, you’re sure to survive the test!


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