How to Build a Treehouse

Build a Treehouse

Treehouses have been the quintessential “cool” of youth for decades, and that is not likely to change. Even as kids lean more and more heavily on video games for entertainment, there’s always something that draws them to life in the trees.

Spend More Time with Your Family

As your kids grow, they start going farther and farther away from home more frequently with every passing day. Building a treehouse would be a great way to turn your house into the go-to hangout place, giving you the ability to see your children much more often.

The Construction Process

Every treehouse is different, but the general tips are the same. You’re going to quite a few tools for this task, among them a hammer, drill, and countless screws and nails.

Because treehouses have to be designed to support a lot of weight, picking the right wood requires some intense deliberation. This choice is mostly impacted by personal preference, although there are some woods that are stronger than others. Balsa is not one of them.

Once you’ve got the right wood and the perfect location, it’s time to build the frame. The frame is what is going to ensure that the treehouse stays upright for years to come. This is typically done with multiple cross beams in a square or double triangle pattern.

Then build from the bottom up, making sure not to block any window holes. After that seal the wood, fill any gaps, and enjoy!


Treehouses are every kid’s dream place, whether they’re seven or seventeen. Of course, the things they’ll do in the treehouses will vary considerably, it’s always good for them to have a fun, safe atmosphere right near the home.


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