How to Clean Your Wooden Floor

Clean a Wood Floor

Who doesn’t love that sparkling clean feeling of walking into your living room and smelling the floral scents of the freshly mopped hardwood floors? If you’re looking to learn how to get this same level of clean every time, let us walk you through the process!

Tough Stains

Hardwood floors are much more stain-resistant than carpet, but that doesn’t mean they’re stain-proof; and hen hardwood floors do get stained, they have a tendency to stay that way. Through a series of steps, however, even the worst stains can come out.

Deep-Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

The simple steps come first. Take a broom and a dustpan and sweep the entirety of the floor. This will remove any larger particulates that would interfere with the mop.

Next, take a simple mop or Swiffer-style product and mop the floor.

Now comes the hard part. If there are any major stains that haven’t come out through moping, try the rag trick. The rag trick involves soaking a rag in hydrogen peroxide, laying it over the stain for an hour or so, and then scrubbing the stain out.

If this doesn’t work, your next best bet is to sand down the wood. This will destroy the finish, but might be able to remove the stain. If the stain has penetrated the finish and stained the wood itself, you might have to hire a carpenter to dig it up and relay the foundation.


The phrase “cleaning your wooden floor” sounds like a simple and easy process. That just isn’t the case. Hardwood floors make stain removal just as much more complex and difficult as they make normal, everyday cleaning simpler and easier.


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