How to Create a Hanging Garden Basket

Create a Hanging Garden Basket

Gardening is great! If you enjoy bringing life to your home and food to your table with your own two hands, then you probably already know that. Of course, if you garden as much as we think you should, you might quickly run out of ground space. That’s when you should look to the ceiling!

No Space, No Problem

Running out of space in the ground is a tough problem to run into as an enthusiast gardner, but it doesn’t have to mark the end of your garden expansion project. By hanging garden baskets in well-lit areas, you bring a whole new three-dimensional level to your garden.

3-D Gardening

Normal gardens are restricted to two dimensions: length and width. If you use garden baskets to elevate your plants, you’ll have a third dimension at your disposal: depth.

Start by staking out a few posts and stringing them together with high-strength wire. This will function as your hanging section for your baskets.

To prepare your chosen hanging basket, be sure to insert a liner. Not all liners are the same. Some will provide important nutrients tailored to specific plants, others are more general, others will simply reinforce the pot.

When it comes to picking the plants, that’s 50% preference and 50% science. Some plants do not play well with others and some other plants perfectly complement others. Be sure to ask the professionals at your neighborhood nursery for more details on which plants work well together.


Making your own hanging garden basket can be a wonderful creative outlet that not only enhances your garden but also gives you the ability to keep on planting even after all of your space has been occupied.


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