How to Fix a Faulty Smoke Detector at Home

Fix a Faulty Smoke Detector

There are very few people who can stomach the anxiety of living with a broken smoke alarm and even fewer people who can tolerate the constant screeching of a faulty alarm. This guide will help you learn the quick steps to repairing either on your own!

Unbearable Noise

If you find the periodic, high-pitched beep of a smoke detector with a low batter to be annoying, just imagine how annoyed you would be if that smoke detector constantly went off, not just when it had a low battery, or didn’t go off when your home was on fire.

It’s Really Easy

The replacement process for a smoke detector at home is a shockingly simple process. With battery-powered smoke detectors, you just pop it out of the fixture and pop the new module back in. You might have to add new batteries to the new unit, but that’s about it.

The process is only slightly more complicated for a hard-wired smoke detector. Simple cut the power to the smoke detector to avoid electrical shocks. Then unscrew the alarm from the mounting plate and disconnect the harness from its back.

Then, add the harness to the new smoke detector, resecure it to the mounting plate, and you’re done! It’s just a simple three step system.


Out of the countless appliances in the modern connected home, there are arguably none less complex than the fire alarms. These serve a simple purpose and have an even simpler replacement process. Why? Because safety is for everybody, not just professional electricians.


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