How to Make a Heart-Shaped Ring Out of Wire

Make a Heart-Shaped Ring Out of Wire

Origami might mean “paper-folding” but why should beautiful art be reserved to the world of paper? Here, we’ll show you how to make heart-warming heart-shaped jewelry out of ordinary household wire.

Good Gifts Come from the Heart

Sure, everybody enjoys being whisked away on a luxurious three-night cruise to the Bahamas, but not every single gift needs to cost thousands of dollars. In fact, people often say that the best gifts are those that mean the most, regardless of how much they cost.

Hand-Made Jewelry

First things first, preparation! You’ll want to make sure that you have some needle-nosed pliers, a thick but not too-thick wire (about 20 gauge should be perfect), a rounded mandrel or something finger-shaped around which to mold the ring, and some gloves for protection. Wires can pierce skin.

Using the pliers, start by twisting out about double the length that you’ll need. You can always cut more if it’s long, but you can’t add more if it’s short. Work from one end to the other, completing the entire thing before fixing the ends together.

That means you’ll start by twisting the left-most wire into the shape of the band. A braiding strategy works well but is considerably more complicated. Then you’ll twist the heart or hearts and complete do the same band-twisting on the right-most side.

If you’re having trouble getting the band design to shape properly, consider a simpler approach.

Here’s a great video to show you exactly what we mean:


There are plenty of gifts out there that help show how much you care, but sometimes going out to an exorbitantly expensive restaurant can make you feel like you’re eating pennies, no matter how good the food tastes. Luckily, great gifts like this can be hand-crafted for under $10.


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