How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Trip

Plan a Budget-Friendly Trip

Vacationing and budgeting are often used as antonyms. The belief that people on a budget can never take vacations is a common misconception. In fact, maintaining a strict budget actually allows you to take more vacations! Let us tell you how.

Expensive Versus Affordable Vacationing

Terms like “expensive” and “affordable” are relative terms based on your own personal perception of your finances. If you don’t keep a budget, you might think trips sound expensive; but if you do keep a strict budget and stick to it, those very same trips become affordable.

How to Properly Plan

Creating a budget and sticking to it helps you to rein in all those unnoticed transactions that cause money to seemingly slip through the tracks, like subscriptions that you’ve forgotten about or many small items of discretionary spending that you paid no mind to.

Stay With Family

Staying with family or friends enables you to cut costs on hotels and other living expenses, freeing up more money to either save for another future vacation or spend on more interesting excursions on the current trip.

Consider “Voluntourism”

Voluntourism” is a new craze that involves taking a vacation to a place in need of volunteers, staying with the volunteers in a housing arrangement set up by the program, and carrying out your vacation ideas in your down time. 


Staying with family and trying out the new “voluntourism” trend are two great ways to make vacationing easier on the budget, on the wallet, and on the mind. Being able to help others while vacationing for free might sound too good to be true, but it’s very true and equally popular!


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