How To Survive A Chicago Winter

Survive A Chicago Winter

There are few cities like Chicago – especially when it comes to the chilly midwestern wintertime! 

Even those who are native to the city have to find ways to battle the cold each year. In combination with the whipping winds and the bone-deep freeze, chilly winters can certainly seem endless when in the Windy City. 

However, there are ways to survive even the coldest Chicago winters!

Know What You’re Getting In To 

If you’re not local to Chicago, you may be taken for surprise once winter rolls around. Even if you’ve heard how difficult a Chicago winter can be, you still might be shocked by just how cold it can really get! 

Before wintertime rolls around, do a little research to find out what the low temperatures were in previous winters. From there, you’ll be better prepared to stock up on warm clothing that you can layer to your liking

Take The Cold Seriously

Sure, lots of people complain about being cold during Chicago winters. However, many of these complaints are very real. Don’t attempt to go out in the cold to prove that you’ve got a thick skin! 

Rather, make sure you’re always wearing your warmest jackets, gloves, and hats, and take the time to properly ready yourself for the weather outside. 

Take Care Of Your Extremities

While you may be prepared with warm jackets and plenty of layers, you’ll also need to make sure you’re protecting your fingers and toes from the chill of frostbite!

Even just a few minutes in freezing weather can affect your toes and fingers, so you’ll want to make sure you’re taking extra care to wear thick gloves and socks whenever you leave the house. 

Preparation Will Keep You Warm 

To survive a chilly Chicago winter, proper preparation is your best friend! As long as you’re mentally ready to face cold temperatures and have the right clothing to wear, you’re sure to stay warm.


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