How To Survive A Fall Through Ice

Survive A Fall Through Ice

One moment you’re skating or walking over what seems like stable ice, and the next you’re plunged into freezing cold water. 

Falling through ice can be a terrifying experience, no matter how experienced a swimmer you are. Maintaining your composure and finding the right place to come up for air can seem impossible, only adding to the stress of the situation. 

There are ways to survive these kinds of falls, though. In fact, if you keep these handy tips in mind, you’ll be able to confidently navigate your way out of this situation – and live to tell the tale!

Put Your Energy Towards Escaping The Water 

If you’ve ever happened to fall into freezing water, you already know what a shock it can be to the system. Even with layers of winter clothing on, the ice-cold temperatures will quickly chill your skin and can even be quite painful. 

Even so, your focus needs to be on getting out of the water more than anything else. You may be scared and in pain, but if you can train your thoughts towards moving to the surface of the frozen body of water you’re in, you are that much more likely to survive. 

Orient Yourself Under The Ice 

One of the trickiest things about falling through ice is getting back up to the place where you fell in. It’s easy to get disoriented underwater, so look for differences in the color of the ice to locate where the nearest hole is. 

Again, you’ll want to make sure to do this as soon as possible to increase your survival chances. 

Keep Yourself Moving Towards The Surface

The big takeaway from these tips is that the first few moments you’re in the water are the most important. As soon as you can, put your energy towards getting out of the water by staying calm, evaluating the nearest hole in the ice, and pushing yourself towards the surface.


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