How To Survive A Tsunami

Survive A Tsunami

Tsunamis can be seriously terrifying experiences. 

These massive waves, caused by anything from asteroids, to volcanic eruptions, can travel at 30 mph and have waves of 100 feet high. They can make it hard to get around, block out communication, and contaminate local water supplies. 

So how can you put your best foot forward to survive a tsunami? 

Stay Put During Quakes 

One of the biggest reasons tsunamis occur is earthquakes. If this is the case, then it’s vital that you first protect yourself from any damage done by the earthquake. 

Remember to drop down to your hands and knees, cover your head, and hold on to any sturdy furniture or doorframes until the shaking stops.

Move To Higher Ground

Whether there are natural or official warnings of a tsunami, the next step is to immediately move to a safe place as far and as high inland as you can find. Bring any tsunami preparedness kits you may have had, which can include things like medication and important documents. 

You’ll want to move away from seawater and any waterways, as the water from tsunamis can cause flooding and water contamination, even far inland. 

If you get caught in the water as you’re trying to escape, grab on to something that floats such as tree trunks, rafts, or doors. 

Stay Vigilant During Natural Disasters

Whether there’s an earthquake or some other natural disaster that sets off a tsunami, staying aware of the situation is the best way to survive. Plus, it’s important to know your evacuation zones and the nearest, highest places inland so that you can safely and securely travel away from the damage of the tsunami.


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