How To Survive In The Desert

Survive In The Desert

The desert is a thing of beauty – and a thing of terror too, if you find yourself stuck there. 

Horror stories of running out of water and being unable to find any respite may run through your mind the moment you realize you’re lost in a desert wasteland. However, staying aware of your surroundings and acting quickly can provide you with enough time later on to find safety!

Limit Your Sun Exposure 

Dehydration and sun exposure are two of the biggest dangers you’ll come across in the desert. 

Your best bet at survival is to get out of the sun or to cover your head as much as possible. If you aren’t able to find shade or shelter anywhere, cover up with any articles of clothing you may have. 

You may have to consider using parts of other articles of your clothing. This will help your head keep a bit cooler than if you were simply in direct sunlight.  

Once You Find Cover, Construct A Shelter

Your makeshift hat is just a way to keep the sun off you for a little while. If you do find cover, stay there and maximize your time in the shade. 

Once the sun goes down and the desert begins to cool off, you can gather materials to make more of a shelter in this location. 

Keep As Cool As Possible 

Taking measures to make sure your body stays cool is the number one way to ensure your survival in the desert. Whether through making a hat or through constructing a full shelter, getting out of the direct sunlight can help you keep your wits about you and can prevent dehydration from occurring as rapidly.


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