How To Survive Without A Cell Phone

Survive Without A Cell Phone

In today’s technologically advanced and constantly connected world, everyone has a cell phone. 

But what happens if you have to go without your cell phone for an extended period of time? While it may feel like you’re cut off from your friends and the rest of the world, people did survive before cell phones were invented. You can too! 

Use Other Objects To Cope 

If the loss of your cell phone is sudden, it may feel like you’re walking around without something as important as an arm or a leg. 

Not being able to use your phone doesn’t just mean a loss of contact with others. If you use your phone for notes, music, or games, you’ll find that you’re missing these things, too. 

However, you can combat this by carrying around notebooks, MP3 players, or even books to replace the position your phone once held. Sure, you may need more space in a bag or your pockets for these things, but they can help you ween off your reliance on your cell phone. 

Plan Things Ahead Of Time 

One of the greatest uses of the cell phone, of course, is texting your friends or family to meet up and make plans

Instead, make sure that events are planned ahead of time, complete with location, time, and backup plans. This is incredibly important not just for social events, but can also be used in emergencies. 

Moving On Without Your Phone 

Though it may seem like an impossible feat, you can totally survive without your phone! A little bit of planning can help ensure that you’re still meeting up with friends and have objects to keep you occupied while you’re out and about. 


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