How to Turn a T-Shirt into a Workout Tank

Workout Tank

Why waste money on a brand new workout tank when you’re just going to destroy it with sweat stains and tears in a matter of weeks? If you follow these quick tips, you’ll be able to make your money last by recycling old clothing.

Why Make it Yourself?

Simple! By recycling your old clothing that you’re planning to throw out or recycle anyway, you not only save money but get to toy with your creativity and exercise in clothes that you already know fit you perfectly.

The How-To of it All

First, you’re going to want to take a shirt that you don’t plan to wear again any time soon, maybe one that’s too big, too small, somewhat ripped, stained, or whatever else works for you.

The rest is easy! All you have to do is lie the shirt flat on a table or on the floor and take scissors to the sleeves, cutting them off a few inches inside of the seam near the neckhole. If you cut along the seam, you’ll ruin the shirt and the fabric will begin to unravel and look frayed.

If you want to let your body breathe a little more during the intense, aerobic exercises that you intend to do, consider cutting the sides from the bottom of the sleeve opening down to about four inches above the bottom of the shirt.

Don’t cut too far or you’ll end up with a poncho instead of a tank!


Yes, it really is that simple! Or course, there are other ways to make better-looking tanks, but for the purpose of working out, a quick five minutes is all it takes. Do this and you’ll be well on your way to a gym outfit that’s affordable, effective, and fun to make.


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