What If They Kidnap Me In A Car Or Something?


The idea of being kidnapped and thrown into a car is a nightmare – but can be all too real. 

In the terrifying moments between when you realize you’re being abducted and you’re being thrown in the car, it can feel like there’s nothing you can do about it. However, staying as calm as possible and having a little bit of knowledge beforehand can help save your life. 

Know The Trunk Of The Car 

If you’re being kidnapped and thrown into a car, chances are it will be in the trunk. You may be bound and unable to fully free your hands, but there are still ways that you can escape the trunk!

Most cars made today actually have a release lever. Newer cars have glowing words or images on these levers so they can be seen. 

If your hands are close enough to reach the lever, pull it and push the trunk open. If not – or if the car is old and doesn’t have an emergency handle – kick at the rear back or left side of the truck. This can kick out the taillights, alerting the police to an issue. 

Remember: if you’re escaping from a moving vehicle, you’ll need to roll as you leave the car. Not only will this prevent as much damage, but it can help you get out of the way of other cars. 

Stay Calm And Pull The Lever 

Though being kidnapped would be a highly stressful situation, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to remain calm. Remember that the trunk lever is there to save you, and take every opportunity you can to escape.


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