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How To Survive A Nuclear Attack

Survive A Nuclear Attack

Nuclear attacks may seem like the kind of thing that only happens in post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies, but they really can happen in real life.  Should a nuclear attack happen, you’ll need to be prepared both during and after the attack in order to survive. Thankfully, there are ways that you can start prepping today in …

How To Survive In Federal Prison

Survive In Federal Prison

Whether through a series of your own mistakes or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, finding yourself in federal prison can certainly be a scary experience.  Federal prison sentences usually mean that you’ll be serving at least a few years in prison. However, not all is lost. Though you’ll have to …

How To Survive A Fall Through Ice

Survive A Fall Through Ice

One moment you’re skating or walking over what seems like stable ice, and the next you’re plunged into freezing cold water.  Falling through ice can be a terrifying experience, no matter how experienced a swimmer you are. Maintaining your composure and finding the right place to come up for air can seem impossible, only adding …

How To Survive In A Cave

Survive In A Cave

Whether you’re spelunking or simply exploring the area around you, you may find yourself in the entirely wild world of a cave.  Caves can be both incredibly interesting – and very dangerous. However, if you’re prepared to enter the cave, you’re sure to survive even an extended stay! Don’t Go Without Preparing  If you know …

How To Survive A Chicago Winter

Survive A Chicago Winter

There are few cities like Chicago – especially when it comes to the chilly midwestern wintertime!  Even those who are native to the city have to find ways to battle the cold each year. In combination with the whipping winds and the bone-deep freeze, chilly winters can certainly seem endless when in the Windy City.  …

How To Survive A Shuttle Run

Survive A Shuttle Run

Shuttle runs can certainly be quite the undertaking, whether you’re an experienced track and field runner or just a beginner! Shuttle runs test your agility and speed, and are often done to train for cross country or other athletic events. Though the shuttle run can certainly be a difficult exercise, there are absolutely ways you …

How To Survive As A Telemarketer

How To Survive As A Telemarketer

Telemarketing can be a great way to boost a company’s sales – but it can also be seen as a nuisance to many people who receive regular calls from telemarketers.  If you’re working as a telemarketer, you might be disillusioned with the job because of how much stress is put on your position. However, if …

How To Survive After A Shipwreck

Survive After A Shipwreck

Shipwrecks can certainly be nightmare situations, even if they’re incredibly rare.  If you’re the kind of person who travels by water often, you might have a fear of what happens during – and after – a shipwreck.  However, there are ways that you can work to ensure both your safety and the safety of others.  …


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